Project: Anti-Semitism Dialogue Program

Affiliate: The Malcolm Rosenberg Hillel Center, Hillel at Virginia Tech

Project Cost: $13,000

Funding Need: $13,000

What it’s about:

Hillel seeks to run a program at Virginia Tech rooted in dialogue to deepen understanding across lines of difference. With recent Anti-Semitic activities occurring at Virginia Tech, it’s important students, faculty and staff have a platform that fosters conversation and listening. Together, participants will experience reflective discussions to help eliminate hate and ultimately create a stronger community. The Ask Big Questions program helps participants understand themselves and others. Enabling Hillel to offer this program at Virginia Tech will give Hillel students the opportunity to lead and invite their community members to create positive change through both individual and group behaviors. Funds will be used for program facilitation, food and materials.

For more information, please contact Marissa Jachman at or 443-286-7148.

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