The Community Relations Council is the public affairs arm of the organized Tidewater Jewish community. It represents the area synagogues and Jewish agencies on issues impacting the rights and protection of Jews as individuals and as a community. The CRC works to educate the community on public affairs issues and translates these issues into community action with the greater community, public officials, other faith and ethnic communities and the media.

Coming Attractions

Israel Today

Robert Satloff is an expert on Arab and Islamic politics and U.S. Middle East policy. As executive director of The Washington Institute, Satloff is committed to advancing a balanced and realistic understanding of American interests in the Middle East, and promoting policies securing those interests. Read more

The Prime Ministers

The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers
A documentary featuring the voices of Sandra Bullock, Michael Douglas, Leonard Nimoy, Christoph Waltz. The first and only insider account of Israeli politics from the founding of the Jewish State to the near-present day. Learn more.


Everything Israel


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for everything Israel! On this page you'll find everything from a historical overview of the State of Israel to talking points on advocating for Israel! Wonderful links, resources and information awaits.

Act Now


Click here to take action on issues needing attention such as stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and the freeing of Alan Gross from a Cuban jail where he has been detained since 2009.


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