Our mission is to establish constructive dialogue, create educational opportunities and maintain positive exchanges within the Jewish community, as well as in other communities throughout the greater Tidewater area.

What We Do

2041 Educate
Educates the community on Issues impacting the rights of Jews locally, in the United States, in Israel and globally.

2042 Translate Issues
The CRC translates issues into action through the community, public officials and government, the media and other faith and ethnic communities.

2043 Campaign
The CRC is supported through your generous gifts to the UJFT Annual Campaign.


Our Committees

Legislative Action

Provides education on issues and candidates with elections on the local, state, and national levels while creating relationships with officials to ensure dialogue between our Jewish community and those representing
us in Richmond and Washington D.C

Israel Advocacy

Advances community-based advocacy and education on behalf of Israel.

Local Outreach

Addresses interfaith and human rights issues; builds coalitions between local Jewish and non-Jewish organizations.



The Community Relations Council of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater is one of 125 Jewish Community Relations Councils in the country. Together, these JCRCs form the grassroots of the national umbrella organization, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

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