Project: Jewish Women’s Group & Immersive Experience

Affiliate: The Brody Jewish Center, Hillel at UVa

Project Cost: $10,000

Funding Need: $10,000

What it’s all about:

The Jewish Women’s Group at the Brody Jewish Center has grown substantially in the last year, with groups of up to 20 college-aged women at the University of Virginia meeting monthly to discuss topics like perseverance, self-care, intentionality, and gratitude with a Jewish lens. This Rosh Chodesh group has proven to be impactful and successful for our students. In addition to the monthly sessions we’d like to add an immersive retreat experience for these young women where they will have the opportunity of a few days of intensive and concentrated conversation, community-building, and learning with the idea that they can bring actionable and thoughtful initiatives back to Grounds. For more information, please contact Marissa Jachman at or 443-286-7148.

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