Project: Sababa, Student Learning Internship Program

Affiliate: The Malcolm Rosenberg Hillel Center, Hillel at Virginia Tech

Project Cost: $6,000

Funding Need: $4,200

What it’s about:

The Sababa Internship is offered to students during the second semester at Hillel at Virginia Tech. This internship offers all students, particularly those who have returned from their homeland from a Winter trip with Hillel, an opportunity to continue their Israel education through a learning-intensive experience. We are constantly competing with internships at the University and other organizations and are thrilled students want to commit to furthering their Jewish education with Hillel. In this internship students commit to a semester of strengthening their understanding of Israel and Judaism while developing leadership skills and actively engaging in the Jewish community worldwide. Students are given a stipend to participate. We seek funds to be able to offer this experience to about 10 students who want to help spread Israeli education through this powerful opportunity.

For more information, please contact Marissa Jachman at or 443-286-7148.

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