Lucie Waldman Awarded the Stein Family College Scholarship from the Tidewater Jewish Foundation

Tue, 05/22/2018 - 11:16am

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The annual Stein Family College Scholarship of the Tidewater Jewish Foundation was awarded this month to Lucie Waldman, a soon-to-be graduate of Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach. Lucie is the 10th recipient of the four-year scholarship provided to a Jewish student in Tidewater, and will receive up to $10,000 per year. She is headed to Franklin and Marshall University in Pennsylvania this Fall to major in Neuroscience.

Lucie attended URJ Camp Harlem in Pennsylvania for 5 years, and a couple of years ago on the drive back from camp, she toured Franklin and Marshall since it was close by and she was not sure when she would be in the area again. She liked the vibe of the school and felt that its strong pre-med program seemed “doable and not intimidating.” Being a small school allows for classes of 24 students, and Lucie feels she will thrive there. “I’m excited to be with people that are more similar to me and get involved in more activities and take classes I’m passionate about. They have an active Hillel and I’m looking forward to being involved there.”

In addition to camp, Lucie has participated in Jewish life through working as a teaching assistant at Ohef Sholom Temple for several years. Much of her experience was with one student who had some challenges. Lucie developed a nice one on one relationship with her, moved up with her through four years of Hebrew School, and then was given the honor of making a special presentation at her bat-mitzvah ceremony. Lucie will spend this summer as a counselor at the URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy. She was drawn to it because it integrates Judaism, science and technology. Lucie was also involved in her Temple Youth Group, wrote for her school newspaper and was on the Board of her school’s Psychology Club.

Lucie says she was very surprised to be awarded the Stein Family Scholarship because she knows there were many exceptional applicants. She said that she was careful to research Mrs. Stein so that she would understand what the scholarship was about. When she learned about Mrs. Stein’s commitment to tikkun olam, repairing the world, Lucie felt that her own desire to help people through the field of medicine would be a good expression of that value. “Last summer, I attended Brandeis University’s Global Youth Summit on the Future of Medicine, and it was the most beneficial experience I ever had in high school. It was very taxing but inspiring to see what the medical research field can do for the future. We learned about gene editing and CRISPR, which can cure disorders and save millions of lives.” Lucie wants to help others through research and medicine and is grateful to have been selected to receive this prestigious honor from the Stein Family and TJF.

The Stein Family College Scholarship was established in 2009 in memory of Arlene Stein who did not complete college because of financial hardship. Jerry Stein, her beloved husband, passed away in 2014. The Tidewater Jewish Foundation works closely with the Stein Family in administering this generous scholarship to a deserving Hampton Roads teen.

Prior recipients of the scholarship include Morgan Conley (Brandeis University ’13), Eric Smith (University of Virginia ’14), Marissa Arager (George Mason University ’15), Avi Malkin (College of William and Mary ’16), Dinar Yusufov (James Madison University ’17), Amanda Gladstone (Virginia Tech ’18), Dana Cohen (Virginia Tech ’19), Brett Pomerantz (Virginia Tech ’20), and Sydney Levine, (University of Virginia ‘21).

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