Project: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Lab

Affiliate: Hebrew Academy of Tidewater

Funding Need: $3500

What it’s about:

Help us utilize VR and AR to engage our students in our lessons and to teach our kids production values using technology.

Teachers will be able to use 360 cameras to create immersive hooks and take pictures and videos to the next level of reality. Students will learn to take pictures and video and share them with online committees. Is a teacher visiting a place in Israel? They will take the the 360 camera and have a digital field trip that will astonish the students! Students will also create 3D realities and share them with fellow students. This a Minecraft style digital creator meant to give kids the freedom to express ideas and thoughts in new ways through manipulation of 3D images.

Request includes classroom set of 8 VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) goggles from for $3,000 and a GoPro 360 Camera for $500

For more information contact Patti Seeman at or (757) 424-4327.

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