UJFT donors strengthen Jewish identity 5,000 miles away

Mon, 03/14/2016 - 9:12am

The United Jewish Federation of Tidewater helps Jewish families in Romania learn more about their heritage and religion through a camp in Cristian, Brasov.

Building strong Jewish communities and empowering Jewish identity--everywhere--are important UJFT goals.

Donations to the UJFT Annual Campaign make this kind of help possible--funds raised are distributed to our partner, JDC, whose staff makes sure the camp continues to be a great success!

Zoya Schvartzman, director of strategic partnerships, JDC-Europe, visited Tidewater at the end of February. Among other areas of impact she noted that can be directly attributed to Tidewater’s financial contributions, are the changes in people’s lives because they can attend camps, like Cristian.

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