Project: Dremel DigiLab #D40-EDU Printer

Affiliate: Hebrew Academy of Tidewater

Funding Needed: $1,599

What it’s all about:

The Dremel DigiLab 3D40 3D Printer is the most reliable and easiest-to-use desktop 3D printer for the K-12 classroom. The 3D40-EDU version includes everything the novice teacher needs to implement 3D printing in the classroom such as 30 standards-based lesson plans, professional development, and extra rolls of filament. A 3D printer would bring new innovative learning methods to our students as they bring subject matter to life. Teachers can create physical aids to engage students, increasing their learning and improving problem-solving and critical thinking capabilities. Students become the designers and can now make prototypes to analyze and manipulate- an essential part of Project Based Learning. Through providing our students with innovative technology, we are giving them tools and techniques to be successful in today's world.

For more information contact Patti Seeman at or 757) 424-4327.

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