We are daughters, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers. We’re bright, concerned, and socially involved women. We know what our “issues” are and we often wonder what others are thinking about the topics of our time.

The Jewish Women’s Salon, a program of 614 eZine in Tidewater, aims to bring women together – across age, synagogue, neighborhood, and all other artificial barriers – to talk about topics which speak to our minds, bodies, and souls.

A community-building initiative of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater,  Jewish Women’s Salon programs are free and open to all women in the Jewish community. The intention is pure outreach and community-building, there is no solicitation or gift requirement to participate.

The Jewish Women’s Salon was conceived to resurrect, using modern technology, the salons and discussion groups of earlier times (think: coffee houses in the 1960’s; front parlors in the 1920’s, etc.).  The encouragement for us to start our own uniquely Jewish conversations among women right here in Tidewater initially came from Annie Sandler, one of our most vibrant, active community members (on local, national, and international levels). Annie serves  on the board of Hadassah Brandeis Institute and was the driving force behind the national 614 eZine which addresses contemporary issues like: Jewish women serving in the U.S. armed forces; Jewish egg donation; is JDate shaking up Judaism; and what makes a Jewish family?

Initially, we called ourselves 614 eZine in Tidewater, and the program was launched in September, 2011, with a visit from HBI’s eZine editor Michelle Cove. (For more about Michelle’s visit, click here.) Since then, we changed our name to Jewish Women’s Salon, planned community events, have established an online presence with our web page, our Facebook page and our easy-to use, interactive online forum!

Our goals, which we are passionately pursuing, are to:
•    Bring together women from across geographic and demographic divides to engage in discussions about topics which impact us as Jewish women in the 21st century,
•    Develop relationships between one another and the organized Jewish community, and welcome   women who are not currently engaged in Jewish community.
•    Develop new volunteer leaders who have not typically filled roles within the Federation infrastructure before.
•    Utilize a high-quality existing publication to open up dialogue between women who might not otherwise interact with one another
•    Strengthen the Jewish community by building and enhancing these relationships
The Jewish Women’s Salon  welcomes you  to the share in the exchange of ideas, the introduction of opinions, and the lasting relationships we will form as a community.




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