Friendship and Jewish Fun at Camp

Tue, 02/27/2018 - 4:16pm

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Elijah Arnowitz is a seventh grader who is already dreaming about this summer, which will be his fifth, at Camp Ramah New England. “It’s torturous to think about it because I miss it so much!” he claims. In response to what he likes about camp, he listed bunk activities, Shabbat and canteen as some of his favorites, as well as “chugs” or elective activities, such as flag football, basketball, cooking and videography. Elijah also raved about the camp food, especially Shabbos brownies and Color War cupcakes. Elijah’s mother Tami added that “Elijah is the best version of himself when he is at camp. Jewish overnight camps are wonderful in that they encourage independence and allow children to explore who they are. I love sending my children somewhere that being Jewish is infused into everything that they do, where being Jewish is joyous and fun.” She adds that in five years of camp Elijah has made friends in Massachusetts, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Connecticut and those friendships are so meaningful that they have made the effort to take long drives to attend b’nai mitzvah.

Leila Abrams, a sixth grader who will be attending Capital Camps for her fifth summer loves camp because it gives her a chance to spend more time with her friends and get closer to them. She stays in touch with camp friends all year. Leila says she would encourage kids to go to camp because “It’s really fun and you make a lot of friends there.” One of her favorite things about camp is the lake, which has a trampoline, a cliff and lots of other very impressive “lake toys”. According to Rachel, Leila’s mother, “The biggest gift my parents gave me was sending me to Jewish camp. Just going to Hebrew School doesn’t cut it. At camp we learn the fun side of being Jewish, integrating Jewish values into activities. It also made me proud of being Jewish.” Rachel added that she is impressed with Capital Camps because of their communication with parents and the way they weave Jewish values into all their activities.

TJF has partnered with The Foundation for Jewish Camp to provide grants for first time campers at Jewish overnight camps through the One Happy Camper program. According to TJF President and CEO Scott Kaplan, “Our hope is to encourage and enable more parents to send their children to Jewish camps where they can experience all of the wonderful things that an immersive Jewish camp experience provides. Camp strengthens Jewish identity and commitment to Jewish life and community. This is essential for our future.”

As one parent put it, “Going to Jewish overnight camp literally changed the course of my life, in a positive way. I want the same for my children, and for as many children as possible. It can make the world better.” For more information about Jewish camps or how to receive a grant, visit or contact Barb Gelb at

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