1314 Shortly after moving to Virginia Beach in 1972, my husband Warren and I were asked to be part of a new Federation Young Leadership program. This led to our participation in a National Young Leadership mission to Israel in February of 1974 to see the effects of the Yom Kippur war.

The other objective of the Young Leadership program was to encourage involvement in our local Jewish agencies. I first became interested in working with Jewish Family Service, and when my children were enrolled at Hebrew Academy I became involved there as well and stayed active at HAT for several years after they graduated from the school.

Beth Sholom Home, Federation Women’s Division and the Women’s Center at the Tidewater Community College all kept me very busy over the years and each means a great deal to me. It is gratifying for me to be able to continue my Lion of Judah and gifts to all of these good causes which have been so meaningful to me throughout our adult life in our adopted home. Through my LOJE gift, I also feel my children will always have a connection to Tidewater, even though they live out of the area.

Mimi Karesh
Spring, 2012

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