1316 My decision (with the support of my wonderful husband Kirk) to endow my Lion of Judah was the natural continuation of our commitment to our community and family.
Without a doubt, my greatest legacy is our four children: Jacob, Nathan, Sophie and Benjamin. Like all parents, I want a bright tomorrow for our children and their generation. Such a future includes a strong and vibrant Jewish community.

It would be easy to assume that others will carry the load of building, nurturing and supporting our Jewish community for the next generation. However, the best course is for each of us to take ownership of our community and to invest in its future development. It is both reassuring and enormously gratifying to know that my LOJE gift will enable me to continue to shine my light and love for our children and our family’s Jewish way of living in perpetuity.

Tzedakah is part of who we are. Giving is easy when you know that you are part of something special. I am proud to be part of our Tidewater Jewish community, and my LOJE gift is a sound investment that will benefit our children and generations to come.

Amy Levy
Spring, 2012

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