LOJE Donors

Marie P. Blechman*
Bonnie Brand
Ann Copeland
Ann Fleder
Esther Fleder*
Gail Fleder
Helen Gifford*
Hara Glasser-Frei
Barbara Goldstein
Laura Geringer Gross
Fay Halpern*
Brenda Horwitz
Lee Jaffe*
Sheila Josephberg
Eileen Kahn
Ettalea E. Kanter
Mimi Karesh
Betsy Karotkin
Cynthia Kramer
Alma Laderberg*
Phyllis Lannik
Telsa Leon*
Amy Levy
Karen Lombart
Martha Mednick-Glasser
Laura Miller
Evelyn Flax Mirmelstein
Eleanor Rashkind*
Sarah Richman*
Tzina Zwerdling Richman
Joanne Kates Roos

Joan Rosenbaum
Judy Rubin
Annie Sandler
Toni Sandler
Dorene Z. Sarfan
Terri T. Sarfan
Deb Segaloff
Annette Shore*
Cheryl Sloane
Linda Spindel
Jane Stein
Randi Strelitz
Sylvia Yavner*



Lion of Judah is a campaign division for women who give a gift of $5,000 or more to the Annual Campaign.

Many Lion of Judah donors have now endowed their gifts to insure that their Lion of Judah gifts will be made every year in perpetuity. LOJE (Lion of Judah Endowment) donors wear the Or L'Atid (Light Unto the Future) flame on their pins as a symbol of this lasting commitment to the Jewish community. A LOJE is a powerful statement of a donor's commitment to tzedakah, providing a legacy for family and community.

Who can make a LOJE Committment?
Every woman who contributes $5,000 or more to her community's annual campaign can establish a LOJE, and add the prestigious Or L'Atid flame to her Lion of Judah pin – an internationally recognized symbol of dedication to the Jewish people.

How can a Lion of Judah make a LOJE commitment?
Every woman has a unique family and financial situation. In recognition of different estate planning and tax objectives, a LOJE can be easily and positively designed to match an individual's personal circumstances with great benefit.

For more information, please call us at (757) 965-6111 or email Scott Kaplan, President & CEO, at skaplan@ujft.org.

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