4th Year Seminar: Judaism and Post-College Life & Graduation Cocktail Party

The Brody Jewish Center, Hillel at UVa

Project Cost:

Funding Need:

What it’s all about:
In the past, the Brody Jewish Center has hosted a Graduation Cocktail Party for fourth years and their families during graduation weekend. This year we’d like to add a seminar component to what we offer graduating students. The 4th Year Seminar would happen 9 times during the course of spring semester, and each week a graduating student would work with our Director of Jewish Engagement to plan a lesson to share with the seminar of 20+ students about something they’re an expert on. The idea is that students get experience and confidence sharing their perspectives and strengths with others while professional staff helps to connect strengths to Jewish values. With a strong Alumni base we intend to have guest Alumni speakers (or skypers) as well to connect and share post-college experiences. Understanding the world can be a big place after college, this program will help students understand how to find and connect with their Jewish community in their new or old home. The seminar would take place over a few hours with a meal, and would help students plan for life after graduation with a Jewish lens.

For more information, please contact Marissa Jachman at or 443-286-7148.

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