“The concept of caring for Jewish people, programs and institutions while leaving the Jewish world a better place means a great deal to me.  The Lion of Judah Endowment offered me an opportunity to help fulfill this personal goal. It has also been a wonderful way to teach our children what is of great importance to me - and what I consider to be their responsibility for the future.

It’s important that our daughters learn the significance of giving in their own name.  I did not grow up in a Jewish home, but have worked in our Jewish community since moving here 19 years ago.  I have been blessed to have had terrific role models and teachers in Reba, Sam and Art.  The blending of my family’s belief in social action and Art’s family’s depth of Jewish involvement has served me well.

Our Annual Campaign is so critical to the future success of our Jewish community at home and abroad. I consider my endowment the beginning of a future that will grow and flourish over the years, benefiting Jews around the world long after I am gone.”
     -Fall 1999

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