Together, We are the Federation

Fri, 01/14/2011 - 11:19am


This year we are tasked with engaging more members of the community.  Our goal is for donors to support the community and know that all gifts, no matter how small, count.  Every gift makes a difference. It feeds 160,000 elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union. It provides job counseling services and emergency aid to those affected by the economic crisis here at home. And it supports programming that inspires a young family’s love of Jewish life and culture.

Our theme this year is “Together, We are the Federation.”  Working together and giving generously, Federation campaign donors meet the needs of Jews wherever they may be.

Our goal is to raise $4.4 million so that we can support our agencies and programs at 100%. We will continue to build on 2010 campaign successes. Last year we had 146 new donors and one-third of donors that skipped or reduced in 2009 returned to their 2008 levels of giving.

Together we ensure that Jewish social services and community organization remain strong here at home, in Israel and around the world. And we effectively respond to the crises that confront us and our neighbors with loving kindness and enduring Jewish value.

To everyone who has supported the Federation in any way, I sincerely say thanks, but please be forewarned that I will always unashamedly continue to ask you for more—more time, more effort, and yes, always more money, because without all of these elements, we cannot continue being as wonderful a community as we are! 

Lonny Sarfan, President
United Jewish Federation of Tidewater Board of Directors

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