Congratulations Nancy Tucker the 2012
Hampton Roads Jewish Community Hero!

1142 Nancy Tucker

Nancy Metheny is a mensch for all seasons, all days, and all creatures.  During the week, Nancy is Temple Israel’s secretary, helping in a multitude of ways, and that help continues well into the weekend—every weekend.  On most Shabbats, Nancy drives up to four seniors from the Talbot Park on Granby retirement community to synagogue for services and then back home.

Sunday is Nancy’s time for animals.  As a dedicated and regular Sunday morning volunteer at the Norfolk Zoo, Nancy helps to clean habitats, clear debris, maintain the enclosures and feed the animals.  Even if the zoo closes for bad weather, Nancy is there.  After all, the animals still need to be taken care of.

Nancy is the women’s chair of Temple Israel’s chevra kadisha, preparing the deceased for burial, fulfilling her obligations loyally but unobtrusively, performing this mitzvah – and final act of kindness – for both members and non-members.
As Rabbi Michael Panitz says, “If you were a spider in anyone’s house, you’d want to be in Nancy Tucker’s house.  If she found you, she would lovingly take you outside and give you a second chance.”

Nancy’s kindness to other living beings seems to know no end.  She is a loving friend to many families and their children, whom she treats as her own.  Nancy has attended countless basketball games, dance competitions, school programs and graduations just so kids would know there was one more person there cheering for them. Nancy’s admirers, observing her sensitivity to and undiscriminating concern for people and animals, large and small, are inspired to be more like her.

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