Daily Media Report -- May 3, 2013

Fri, 05/03/2013 - 3:44pm

Israel & Mideast:China apparently seeks to become a Mideast power player, while MK Tzipi Livni says her talks with Sec. of State Kerry on Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects went well. The IDF shores up the security fence; Egypt and Iran jockey for power in Gaza; Hamas teaches children to be martyrs; the U.S. enhances its bunker-buster bomb, while Sec. of Defense Hagel says the military option will be considered after Iranian elections; and Iran and Hezbollah plot to divvy up Syria.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

• Times of Israel -- China offers to broker Netanyahu-Abbas meeting• Times of Israel -- Livni optimistic after talking peace with Kerry• Algemeiner -- IDF Moves to Close Holes in Security Fence Following Israel Hayom Report • Jerusalem Post (analysis) -- Egypt, Iran in power struggle over Gaza • The Tower -- “Our Children Love Martyrdom”: Hamas Photo Glorifies Child Soldier Deaths• Wall St. Journal -- Pentagon Bulks Up 'Bunker Buster' Bomb to Combat Iran • Haaretz -- Hagel to Israel: Military option will be considered after Iranian elections • The Tower -- Iran and Hezbollah Coordinating To Militarily Seize Control of SyriaFor more Israel news, see the weekly JFNA Israel news page. For more security news, see JFNA’s Secure Community Network (SCN) website.Domestic Israeli News:A disgraced Knesset member returns to power; and the Times of Israel tells the story of how an Israeli hospital is caring for an abandoned, disabled Palestinian child.• Washington Post -- Israeli ultra-Orthodox party reinstates leader who left politics after 1999 bribery conviction • Times of Israel -- Disabled Palestinian toddler lives at Israeli hospital

Israel Advocacy:Google appears to take a stand on the Israeli-Palestinian debate.• Times of Israel -- Google adopts ‘Palestine’ for local edition For Israel advocacy news, see the Israel Action Network’s website. Global Jewish News:The World Jewish Congress urges Hungary to counter local hate crimes.• Ynet News -- WJC urges Hungary to combat hate crimes Federations/Philanthropy:Globally, CJP helps bring the Federation-supported Israel Trauma Coalition to Boston to help support local officials after the marathon attacks; a JTA commentator urges a new kind of Jewish affiliation; and the Chronicle of Philanthropy reports on a new Google app promoting small donations.Federations are highlighted in Boston; Northern NJ; and Orlando.Global:• Times of Israel -- Israeli team to bring hard-earned post-trauma expertise to Boston (highlights Federation) • JTA (commentary) -- Time to replace programmatic model of Jewish affiliation• Chronicle of Philanthropy -- New Google Giving App Promotes Small Gifts

Local:• NJ Jewish Standard -- ‘Fighting poverty with faith’ (highlights Federation)• Heritage Florida Jewish News -- Brickman documents discrimination in Emory's Dental School history (highlights Federation)
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