JFNA Media Report -- January 8, 2014

Thu, 01/09/2014 - 12:07pm

Israel & Mideast:Meetings this week between the EU and Iran focus on implementing Iran's nuclear deal. The Knesset votes down a bill barring unilateral land annexations. Canada names a new Ambassador to Israel. A newly announced Papal visit to the Mideast will include a stop in Jerusalem. In Israel, African migrant issues remain at a high boil.Regional News:• CNN -- EU, Iran delegates to meet for talks on implementing nuclear deal • JPost -- Knesset rejects 'Two-State Solution Bill'• Haaretz -- Canada appoints pro-Israeli lawyer as ambassador• YNetNews -- Pope's Mideast visit has 'political dimension'Israel Domestic Issues:• Times of Israel -- Israel again rejects migrant protesters’ demand for refugee status • JPost -- Record number of Israelis travel abroad in 2013 For more Israel news, see the weekly JFNA Israel news page.For more security news, see JFNA’s Secure Community Network (SCN) website. Israel Advocacy:In the Times of Israel, Michael Kotzin of JUF Chicago looks at the Modern Language Association's academic boycott talks. A large Dutch pension firm announces plans to divest from Israeli banks.• Times of Israel blog (by Michael Kotzin) -- Politics and the Modern Language Association• Reuters -- Major Dutch pension firm divests from Israeli banks over settlementsFor more Israel advocacy news, see the Israel Action Network website. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Tthe billion-dollar impact of Birthright on Israel's economy is examined. The Toronto Jewish Federation's outreach to Israelis living there is beginning to pay off.

Federations are highlighted in San Diego, Chicago and Hartford.Global:• eJewishPhilanthropy -- Birthright Has Contributed Close to $1B. to Israel’s Economy• Canadian Jewish News -- Federation outreach to Israelis starts to pay off• Nonprofit Quarterly -- The Days of the Giant Check are Numbered

Local:• San Diego Jewish World -- Dr. Ruth to speak of sex to 1,000 Jewish women• Florida Jewish Journal/JTA (opinion; by Steve Nasitir of JUF Chicago) -- Subsidizing Jewish preschool works• Connecticut Jewish Ledger -- Connecticut strengthens business ties with Israel
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