Proboards/Online Forum TUTORIAL

1.    Click on the Please Login or Register link in the top right corner of the page.
2.    If you have already registered, you are ready to go! Post a comment, pose a question or raise a new topic.
3.    If you are new to our forum you can register quickly. Fill out the online form to create a forum account, click the agree box on the bottom left and then click create account.
4.    You’ll be directed to a page to Complete Your Registration. Click the Finish Registration Button.
5.    Check your email account. You’ll receive a welcome email with an activation key. All you need to do is click on that key; it takes you back to the website where the activation key box is already filled in. Then you click Activate Account.
6.    You’re ready to go!
7.    As an alternative, you can also register using a social network. Or fill out the form and create a forum network. The process is quick and easy.

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