2014 Second Quarter Report

Sun, 07/27/2014 - 2:54am

Our 2014 Q2 Report (click here to view or download) contains highlights from April through June, including:

  • A Fresh Look for our Website
  • Media Corrections
  • The Kidnapping of Three Israeli Teens
  • Other Media Appearances
  • HR Videos
  • HR Interns
  • May Mission to Israel
  • HR Hosts Inaugural Rooftop Speaker Event
  • HR CEO Joe Hyams Gives Media Clinic at Northeastern University
  • Israel Government Fellows Visit HR Headquarters
  • Report from the U.S. Executive Director
  • Social Media
  • Social Media: Fighting BDS
  • HR Impact in Action

Click Here to Download

This publication (20-page PDF, 1.9 MB) contains underlined hyperlinks; clicking them from the PDF will open related web pages.

Download a FREE PDF of the 2014 Q2 Report now and forward it to someone who cares for Israel. HonestReporting is on the frontlines of the fight against anti-Israel bias in the mainstream press and on the Internet.


Original article can be viewed at 2014 Second Quarter Report on HonestReporting.

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