140 As a boy living in Virginia Beach, L.T Caplan looked up to his grandfather Armond, a philanthropist and leader in the Jewish community for many years, serving on countless Jewish community boards. Armond was a leader of a major drive to renovate Beth El in the 1980s. He also helped support Beth Sholom, his place of residence today. Armond was a role model for his family, teaching his children and grandchildren to give back without caring about being recognized or rewarded. “The giving part always feels good,” he would say.

Now years later, L.T. Caplan has returned to live in the area with his wife Stacie and two small children. The Caplans are active with the Young Adult Division, and Stacie chaired YAD’s Purim party last year. Stacie, who worked for Jewish Family Service for several years, believes strongly in keeping all of the area agencies alive, thriving and growing, whether by giving time or money.

The Caplans feel very welcomed by the community and want other young Jewish families looking at the area to be attracted to its Jewish agencies and the Campus. Giving annually to the UJFT campaign is something they choose to do as an investment for their future, their children’s futures, and to preserve the legacy of the Caplan family.

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