Irish Times Corrects Gaza Occupation Photo Caption

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 4:52am

In an Irish Times story “Hamas and Fatah agree plan to secure a Palestinian state in East Jerusalem,” the photo of Mahmoud Abbas included the following caption:

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas: last-ditch effort in 21-year campaign to achieve end by peaceful means to Israeli occupation of Gaza.

HonestReporting contacted the Irish Times, pointing out that Israel withdrew its soldiers and civilians from Gaza in 2005, hence there is no “occupation of Gaza” to bring to an end.

The Irish Times has now replaced the caption with the more suitable:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: to appeal to the UN General Assembly to exert pressure on Israel and the US.

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Original article can be viewed at Irish Times Corrects Gaza Occupation Photo Caption on HonestReporting.

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