How to set up a new event in the calendar

1.  Go to the Submit an Event page.  Note: The submitted event will have to be approved by the admininstrator before it appears on the site.

2.  Complete the following fields:

  • Title - Enter the name of the event
  • Body - Include any event details. You can format the content using the toolbar and you can insert images by clicking on the Image icon.
  • Location - Event location. An event listing does not constitute a room reservation on the Reba and Sam Sandler Family Campus
  • Email - E-mail address of the contact person for this event. This will appear to users.
  • Other contact information - additional information

3.  Enter the Date: Make sure to give a courtesy call to other organizations before scheduling conflicting events.

  • Date - Event start and End date. Please note that if the event is recurring, the end date here is NOT the last date for the recurrence. It is the end date/time for only the first occurrence of the event.
  • Recurring Event Options - you can configure recurrence options in this section.
  • Frequency - recurrence frequency
  • Period - what period the frequency refers to. 
  • Recurring Event Until the Following Date - the end date of the recurrence cycle. Time component is optional.
  •  Under Advanced: You can create any complex sequence of event occurrence using these 2 variables ("Every Day", "Every 3 Weeks", "Every 1 Month" etc.)
  •  Except - You can exclude certain days from recurrence.

 4. Event Registration Price - UJFT Use Only.  Do not use this section unless this is a UJFT event.  The price for the event registration, per each attending member. Default is free.

5.  RSVP - UJFT Use Only. Do not use this section unless this is a UJFT event.  If checked, the event registration will be required.  Generally, event registration is not required unless the event is not free OR if RSVP option is selected.

If you have any questions, please contact 757-965-6137 or email





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