The facilitation and development of a sense of community and connection among the diverse Jewish population of Tidewater continues to be of the utmost importance to the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.  Initiatives such as the Tidewater Synagogue Leadership Council, the Federation-Synagogue Grants program, The ATID Synagogue/Agency leadership development program and the annual Tidewater Together series continue to be part of our broader strategy, for the Tidewater Jewish Community to be a welcoming, inspiring and inclusive community.
1903 Members from all area synagogues enjoy a teaching from the 2015 Tidewater Together Scholar in residence, Rabbi Sharon Brous.

Since its inception in 2012, the Federation-Synagogue Partnership continues to strengthen our collective efforts, strengthening our community and creating a more inclusive environment for Jews of all backgrounds and denominations.

Federation/Synagogue Grants program
Tidewater Together
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