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Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie

2032 A brief bio of Rabbi Yoffie. He’s an expert on Israel and a pioneer in interfaith relations. The President Emeritus of the Union for Reform Judaism, Rabbi Yoffie is an engaging and articulate advocate for a modern and thoughtful approach to American Jewish life.

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Tidewater Together is inclusive of all Jews and those who want to learn more: affiliated, unaffiliated, religious, secular, traditional, contemporary…

Attend 1, or all 6, of these community conversations:

Thursday, February 4 • 6:30 pm  • Discussion and Cocktail Reception
Hosted by the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater: 5000 Corporate Woods Drive, VA Beach
The American Synagogue:  An unconventional look at the surprising history of the ever-changing American synagogue

Friday, February 5 • 12:00 pm • Lunch and Learn (lunch included)
Hosted by Beth Chaverim:  3820 Stoneshore Road, VA Beach
Sages and school teachers:  What a Talmudic text has to say about leading and following

Friday, February 5 • 6:30 pm Dinner*  •  7:30 pm Service and Oneg Shabbat
Hosted by Ohef Sholom Temple: 530 Raleigh Ave, Norfolk
Reform Judaism and religious faith: What a Reform Jew believes
*Prices for dinner: Adults $10 or $14 (kosher). Children 13 & under free.

Saturday, February 6 • 9:30 am  • Service and Kiddush Lunch
Hosted by Congregation Beth El: 422 Shirley Ave, Norfolk
Defining your enemy:  Reflections on Parashat Mishpatim

Saturday, February 6  • 7:30 pm  • Havdalah and Dessert Reception
Hosted By Temple Emanuel: 424 25th Street, VA Beach
Political stories, political lessons: Jews and the American experience

Sunday, February 7  •  10:00 am  • Brunch & Lunch
Hosted by Temple Israel & Kehillat Bet Hamidrash : 7255 Granby Street, Norfolk
The campus dilemma:  What we need to say to Jewish college students

Admission, with the exception of Shabbat dinner, is free and open to the community.
All are welcome!

Call 757-965-6136, or email apomerantz@ujft.org for even more information.

Tidewater Together is presented by
The Milton "Mickey" Kramer Scholar-in-Residence Fund,
The United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, and The Tidewater Synagogue Leadership Council

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