November Life & Legacy Spotlight: Chabad of Tidewater

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 10:36am

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Chabad On a warm and sunny Sunday in September, people walking down Colley Avenue in Ghent were greeted with quite a sight. Children were busy sawing goat horns and rabbis were using a table saw. On a cold December evening, hundreds of people could be seen at the base of a GIANT Menorah - ready to celebrate Chanukah- and religious freedom - for all to see. These are just two simple examples of what Chabad of Tidewater does.

Established in 1979, Chabad of Tidewater has been serving the Tidewater Jewish community in a wide variety of ways. Chabad of Tidewater is welcoming to people from all walks of life and all levels of observance. The staff at Chabad of Tidewater strives to help Jewish people of all ages and stages grow in their connection to Judaism. As an open home to all Jews regardless of affiliation or Jewish practice, Chabad of Tidewater is on the front lines helping community members with a wide variety of needs, ranging from spiritual to physical.

Through innovative and creative programming, Chabad of Tidewater offers educational opportunities to adults and children alike. Whether seeking an intellectual Torah text study or a hands on way to learn about an upcoming holiday everyone can find something to fit their needs and lifestyle.

In addition to the educational programming, Chabad of Tidewater also provides opportunity for one on one study, visits Jewish inmates, and provides support and Kosher food for hospital patients and their families. Many a time Chabad of Tidewater has helped a family get back on their feet in a time of financial need.

Leaving a LIFE & LEGACY gift to Chabad of Tidewater helps to ensure a strong Jewish future in Hampton Roads. A LIFE & LEGACY gift ensures future financial security, enabling Chabad to grow their efforts, expand their reach and continue to do their important work in the area for years to come. Please consider Chabad of Tidewater for a legacy gift.

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Blessings for continued success,
Rabbi Levi Brashevitzky
Chabad of Tidewater
Office: 757-616-0770

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