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Tue, 03/14/2017 - 11:37am

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Stanley Samuels and his wife Linda are well aware of the ever-growing needs in our community and all that JFS does to help those who need it most. Stanley was president of JFS from 1982-1984 and their daughter, Marcia Samuels, followed in his footsteps when she served as president of the agency more recently, from 2012-2014. Because of their involvement with JFS and other great organizations in our community, the Norfolk residents know first-hand how JFS’ mission of promoting quality of life helps so many. That is why they chose to become JFS Life and Legacy donors.

As Stanley says, “Not everyone is fortunate enough to never need to ask for help. Many of the people JFS helps never thought they’d need the assistance. We are so grateful to be in a position to provide such help and do a mitzvah. We feel it’s so important to keep the legacy and mission of JFS going strong for generations to come.”

“Often our focus is on the short-term - the needs we have in the next week, the next month or the next year,” comments Betty Ann Levin, JFS Executive Director. “The Life and Legacy program is an opportunity to focus on the future and ensure that JFS is in a position to deliver essential services in the long-term.”

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JFS strengthens our community by providing essential services that help people overcome life’s challenges to live fuller, healthier and more meaningful lives. Whether it’s children coping with the loss of a loved one, families facing financial crisis, individuals recovering from surgery, or older adults with a debilitating illness, more than 3,000 individuals benefit from services each year.

JFS provides a continuum of home-based solutions, including home health care, counseling for families and individuals of all ages, care management, acculturation, guardianship, conservatorship, meals on wheels, adoption services, food and financial assistance, transportation to medical appointments and services to the developmentally disabled and chronically mentally ill.

JFS continues to provide unparalleled caring, support and resources to meet the needs of our community and is committed to providing our community with the highest level of care and expertise. Whether in home health care or social services, highly trained staff and volunteers provide a level and consistency of care rarely found in other social service agencies. The agency’s wide range of programs and services for individuals enables JFS to offer integrated services tailored to meet each client’s individual needs regardless of faith, age, ethnic background, and income.               

Lawrence Steingold, JFS immediate past president and legacy program chair states, “We are thrilled with the level of community support we have received thus far for this program.  We know how much community members care about JFS and it is heartening to have these conversations and hear how committed our donors are in ensuring the sustainability of our services into the future.”

For more information on leaving a Life & Legacy gift, call Betty Ann Levin, JFS Executive Director, at 757-321-2222, or Scott Kaplan, Tidewater Jewish Foundation President and CEO, at 757-965-6109.

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