August Life and Legacy Spotlight — Toras Chaim

Tue, 08/15/2017 - 8:47am

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Spotlight on Toras Chaim –


Ensuring a strong Jewish community in the future is about creating a strong connection between our past and our children.  That is the mission of Jewish Day School.  Each generation is a link in a long chain, and the Jewish people will only continue to exist by ensuring that we pass the torch of our history and beliefs on to our children as it was passed to us.  A predictor of the future strength of a community is the quality of its educational institutions of today.

Toras Chaim started in 2002 with the mission to provide an excellent education in both general and Judaic subjects in the context of a traditional Orthodox Jewish environment.  We teach students that the learning that they do in all subject areas should have an impact on their lives.  Their core curriculum classes are challenging and engaging, and they learn important moral lessons our three and a half thousand years of history have taught us.

Toras Chaim’s Judaic curriculum is primarily textually based.  Students are taught to explore original texts in Aramaic and Hebrew, both biblical and modern, to explore the remarkable teachings of their rich ancestry.  Our general studies program is fully accredited by Advanc-Ed, and provides an enriching classical approach to language arts and history, while providing a modern technology focused STEM program that teaches problem solving through science and advanced level math skills.

Toras Chaim, which provides a full day daycare starting at six weeks old, and goes all the way through 8th Grade, is growing and will have 115 students this coming year.  We are gaining renown in the Orthodox Jewish community outside of Tidewater for having a high quality program comparable to many of the larger and long-established Jewish private schools in other cities, while also being small enough to provide personal attention.

The TJF Life and Legacy program is important to Toras Chaim because we are trying to build a strong future for the Jewish community.  The community wide initiative calls upon people of all ages and capacities to think about the future and make a commitment. That is why so many young families have committed to making a Legacy gift to Toras Chaim.  They understand that Toras Chaim is important to the growth and vibrancy of the Orthodox community as well as the entire Jewish community, and by supporting for Toras Chaim’s future, they are supporting the community’s future.  



Rabbi M. Loiterman M.Ed., Ph.D.
Principal, Toras Chaim School
757-828-6724 (TC-TORAH)

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