Project: Better Together

Affiliate: Ohef Sholom Temple

Project Cost: $14,000

Funding Need: $2500

What it's all about:

The mission of the Better Together program is to bring teens from Ohef Sholom, Beth El and Temple Israel to Beth Sholom Village for monthly lunch and learn discussions and activities during the school year. This program brings these two generations closer, fosters important relationships, and awards an essay prize to a local winner. Students also learn how to conduct interviews and capture stories about the elders in front of the camera, which we will archive.

There are currently 16 teens visiting 9 seniors at BSV, bringing three Temples and BSV closer as we continue this integrated program. Our goal is to continue the program after the current funding (through a national grant) runs out this summer with about the same number of teens and seniors, but it is growing in popularity and more of each group may join next year. Starting in the fall of 2018, we need to provide our own funds, to be achieved by finding numerous sources in the area.

We are hoping that private donors, who have expressed a special interest in this kind of partnership, will contribute to this program. Any excess funds will be saved for future years and/or be added to the essay contest prize for next year.

For more information, please contact Leslie Shroyer,

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