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Simon Family JCC

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The Simon Family JCC hopes to expand the opportunities that are available to families who visit the campus during the summer months. Families traditionally enjoy the outdoor pools, and we plan to develop programs to enhance the experience. This grant will help the Simon Family JCC to build a kiosk which will be filled with a range of supplies that families can use at the pool and on the grounds of the campus. Families will have access to Frisbees, volleyball, tennis balls and racquets, beach balls, foam noodles, a basketball hoop for the pool, kickball, bocce, badminton, mini golf clubs and balls, and much more. Simple, pre-packaged snacks and sunscreen can also be available for our families at the kiosk. We are also planning on including a weather-proofed "ping pong" table and accessories!  Our goal is to create an environment in which people of all ages can spend an entire day at the Simon Family JCC.

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