788 Simon Family Legacy Society

Your aggregate endowment or completed bequest of $1,000,000 or more is honored with membership into the Eternal Light Society.

Current Members:

Ann & Robert Copeland
Karen & Matthew Fine
Kim & Andrew Fink
David Furman*
Helen Gifford* & the Helen
G. Gifford* Foundation
Freda* & Tavia Gordon
Thomas Hofheimer*
Libbie & Albert* Kaplan
Ted G. Kaufman            

Sofia & David Konikoff
Merle* & Leonard Levine
Reba & Sam Sandler*
Marilyn & Marvin* Simon
Simon Family Foundation

* of blessed memory

Profile: Robert and Ann Copeland

779 From generation to generation…we were raised here and five of our twelve grandchildren are growing up in Tidewater.  That is five generations of family that call Tidewater home.  This Jewish community of ours has been so good to us over this era by being caring, supportive and nurturing.  The strength of community gave us confidence, self-esteem and allowed for opportunity that would be denied if not for the “collective” strength of the community.

The new campus is a manifestation of that same, wonderful community looking forward toward the future for another five generations, insuring our Jewish identity, spirit and excellence.

Endowment giving is the gift that insures tomorrow.


Profile: Tavia and Freda Gordon

791 We feel we must assume some responsibility to perpetuate our Jewish heritage and to instill these values in our children and our grandchildren through temple, religious activities and education. Our Family Supporting Foundation at TJF helps us facilitate our philanthropy and sets an example for the next generation – l’dor va dor. 

We have recently started a more disciplined approach to our philanthropy by planning multi-year commitments to the agencies that are nearest to our hearts. Our goal is to develop a more long-term view of how to sustain our community’s Jewish agencies so that our gift will be something that the agencies can count on and work into their budgets each year. 

Our foundation enables us as a family to focus on community growth and to evaluate where we can do the most good.

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