Mazel Tov to Amanda Gladstone, Stein Family College Scholarship Recipient

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 10:14am

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1667 Amanda Gladstone does not know what the term “free time” means. As one of only two Jewish students attending Hickory High School in Chesapeake, she got involved with BBYO to be more connected with her Judaism. And this involvement did not simply entail going to meetings every week. Amanda has immersed herself in BBYO since ninth grade, where she has held multiple leadership positions over the years, participated in numerous committees and coordinated conventions. In 2013 she was awarded the Gold Star of Deborah, which is the highest honor bestowed by the organization.

“BBYO has meant everything to me and been very impactful on my life. It sparked my interest in leadership and the nonprofit world,” said Amanda.

Her involvement doesn’t stop with BBYO. Amanda’s academic standing has awarded her membership in the National Honor Society and the National Spanish Honor Society. She is also involved with the Operation Smile Club and the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Club at Hickory High School. When asked about the class that has had the most impact on her throughout high school, she replied that it was the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition class that she just completed this past semester.

“I adored this class,” Amanda said. “It was a smaller class and I had a great connection with my teacher. She is very dedicated to everything she does and has taught me a lot about appreciating the little things and understanding that a few mistakes aren’t going to determine my entire future. It was an amazing experience.”

Amanda will be attending Virginia Tech in the fall, where she plans to study in their business school. She said that the campus made her feel “in her place” and its diversity is very appealing. She also plans to get involved with the campus’ very active Hillel. Following college, Amanda wants to work for a nonprofit, where she can create and implement impactful programs. And, no doubt, be a great leader.

On behalf of the Arlene Stein* family, the Tidewater Jewish Foundation (TJF) is honored to award this generous scholarship to Amanda to help her fulfill her academic dream at Virginia Tech. Mazel tov!

Prior recipients of the Stein Family College Scholarship include Morgan Conley (Brandeis University, class of 2013), Eric Smith (University of Virginia, class of 2014), Marissa Arager (George Mason University, class of 2015), Avi Malkin (William & Mary, class of 2016) and Dinar Yusufov (James Madison University, class of 2017). Please contact Shelby Tudor with the Tidewater Jewish Foundation at (757) 965-6105 for more information or visit TJF online at

*of blessed memory

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