Q: Are faxes and emails of applications acceptable?

A: Yes - Therefore, we encourage applicants to submit their applications and supporting documentation via email. Faxes are also acceptable, but the preferred method is email. Applications may be submitted to Ann Swindell.

Q: Is my past performance on grants considered by the committee? 
A: Past performance is considered by the Grants Committee. The Committee reviews outcome reports at each meeting. Grantees should ensure that the Methods of Evaluation section, or outcome information, accurately reflects the effect the grant had on the group served, the success and challenges of the program and any additional information that the Grantee believes would be of interest to the Committee when evaluating the program. Grantees should make every effort to provide a meaningful outcome report in a timely fashion.
Q: Does one part of the application warrant more attention than another?
A: No, all parts of the application are equally important. Please remember to:

  • Avoid typographical errors, check grammar and readability.
  • Ensure that goals are measurable, the program is designed to meet the goals, and the evaluation is one that can measure the goals. 
  • Define goals qualitatively and quantitatively (for example: how will consumers be impacted & how many consumers will be impacted and how often). 
  • Make sure budget lines add correctly and balance.  
  • Give thought to how the program will be funded after Foundation funding is no longer available (for long-term programs).  
  • View this as a true partnership with the Foundation in the risk-taking nature of a new and innovative program. 
  • Understand that the Foundation does not fully fund programs and that the sponsoring institution will seek out other funding sources (including its own).

Q: What kind of assistance can I expect from the Foundation professionals?
A: Foundation staff will assist you in understanding the grants process and will meet with you to explore program ideas that are of interest to you. The Foundation staff does not write grant applications.   
Q: Once my application has been submitted, when will I hear from the Foundation?
A: Funding decisions are not announced until the Board has taken final action. The final approval for grants can only be given by the Board of Directors at their next meeting. Please check the grants schedule for upcoming dates.

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