54 Extend your commitment. Inspire the next generation - and generations after that. Make a connection to the future. Your gift can make a difference.

Jewish tradition teaches us that we are one link in a long chain, and we must work to maintain continuity for those who will come after us.

Year after year, we have relied on your gift to the annual campaign to sustain our Jewish community. A PACE gift – or Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment – will secure the future you helped build. It is a symbol of your commitment to tzedakah and the eternal well being of the Jewish people.

 A PACE fund is a lasting legacy for the future – a gift that will inspire your family and community for generations to come. There are several ways to create endowments that may not be funded during your lifetime and still provide you with considerable tax benefits.

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For more information, please call us at (757) 965-6111 or email Scott Kaplan, President & CEO, at skaplan@ujft.org.

PACE Donors

Jody Balaban
Dolores & Alan Bartel
Percy Brill*
Aaron Busch*
Bronia Drucker
Hyman Fine*
Alan Fleder*
Jack & Jodie Frieden
Alan M. & Beverly G. Frieden
Sydney Gates*
Alfred & Gertrude K. Goldstein*
Herbert & Ruth Goldstein*
Ralph Goldstein
Victor Goodman*
Barbara T. Gordon
Jerome & Mable Gordon*
William Greene*
Denise & Jason Hoffman
Abbey Horwitz
Edwin* & Nancy Jacobson
Bernard Jaffe*
Carol & Joel Jason
Warren Karesh
Howard Laderberg
Sanford L. & Mavolyn B. Lefcoe*
Richard Lombart
Alyssa & Jonathan Muhlendorf
Herbert Neisser*
Joan Nusbaum*
Pincus Paul*
Julian Rashkind*
Gene D. & Sharon A. Ross
Joanne E. Batson & Philip S. Rovner
Judith & Robert Rubin
Leon R. Sarfan
Mayer Sarfan
David Sherman*
Ronald Spindel
John Strelitz
Howard & Sandy Waters
Dorothy Zimmerman

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